Perhaps you are interested in the topics of sexuality, intimacy, embodiment or personal development and you want to find out what’s there to learn theoretically and practically. Perhaps you are looking for someone with whom you can talk about open questions or challenges in your sexuality. Or perhaps you are interested in a Sexological Bodywork session and beforehand you would like to approach your topic and our collaboration in an in-depth conversation.

Then I invite you to one of my counselings. Here we take you and your concern into an ongoing dialog via eMail or in individual sessions.

I support you to sort yourself and to find a clear vision for your very own path. Where do you want to go? Where are you now? What obstacles are you facing, what makes you move? What emotions do you encounter? Which steps can you take? A clarity in these questions is an important building block for change.

In all this we include work with your body awareness. I will invite you again and again to aim your focus to inside yourself, to feel yourself and to experience yourself even outside of the realm of your thoughts.

You will obtain theoretical knowledge about sexuality and intimacy and instructions to hands-on exercises that can strengthen your sexual intelligence.

With our counseling sessions we can dedicate us to any concern listed on my fields of work page.

In an ongoing email dialog...

  • ... I am present for you
  • ... you can spark your thoughts and sort them through reading and writing
  • ... you receive instructions on exercises that you do mindfully and on which you reflect afterwards
  • ... you can write and read at whatever time suits you best & at whatever space you feel most comfortable at
  • ... we do not have any time limits and no taboos
The price is 200€ for a package of 5 mails. You can have your first mail separated for 40€. This gives you the opportunity to try out my offer.
We can have our counseling sessions in my practice or through online video chat. Here...

  • ... we go into even richer contact with each other: a vivid exchange and integral impressions of each other
  • ... you can make a bigger leap out of your comfort zone and into your learning zone
  • ... we can hold your emotions together
  • ... I can perceive you clearer and thus mirror to you what I observe
  • ... we can go into mindful exercises together
price: 60€/hour

We can make appointments of 45-120 minutes.