Sexualpädagogik für Erwachsene: Was ist Sexological Bodywork?
(English subtitles available)

Sexological Bodywork opens up a safe space for exploring and enhancing your Self, your relationship to your body and your sexuality.

Sexological Bodywork is a learning space. You can learn to direct your attention to enjoyment and pleasure in order to have a simpler access to your pleasure and to experience it more sensibly.

Sexological Bodywork teaches you to sense into your body, to learn about your self through your body and to nourish from your body. With the help of your body, you can learn to find into the Here and Now and to regulate yourself.

Sexological Bodywork is bodywork that can be done both with touch (e.g. mappings, massages, slow touch massages) or without touch (e.g. mindfulness exercises, meditations, witnessing). By including breath, movement and voice you can strengthen your physical expression (embodiment) and intensify your sensual perceptions.

Sexological Bodywork focusses on your ressources. Sexological Bodywork is trauma sensitive work.

Sexological Bodywork supports you to sense your own needs and boundaries, to communicate clearly about them and thus to stand up for yourself (Empowerment).

Sexological Bodywork connects you with your enthusiastic Yes and encourages your self-determination. It is you who decides where your path should lead, not me. You are an essential co-creator of our sessions.

The bodywork part is embedded in preliminary and concluding talks in which we exchange about your individual route and where we can process experiences mentally. There is room for your questions and knowledge transfer around the topic of sexuality.

With sessions in Sexological Bodywork, we can dedicate us to any concern listed under my fields of work.

In my work I follow the ethical guidelines of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers. These include policies that all touch will only occur with your explicit consent and that I will always remain clothed. Constant communication even during bodywork will help us to ensure your consent.

Sexological Bodywork welcomes people and couples constellations of any gender and any sexual orientation.

OfferPrice Individual SessionPrice Couples Session
1 Session
á 2.5 hours
3 Sessions
á 2.5 hours

I hold a sponsorship slot for people with a monthly income of <1000€. Feel invited to get in touch with me.

Any of your open questions can be discussed beforehand via mail or phone.