I offer Lomi Lomi rituals and Slow Touch massages in 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain.

In my massages you can wholeheartedly surrender to your role as a receiver, in pleasure, relaxation and joy. My touch invites you to feel yourself and to open up for every expression of your wealthy-facetted being.

Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian temple massage. It makes use of different qualities of touch such as large-area strokes with the forearms, deep kneading of muscles and fascia or bonewashing (massage of the periosteum) to touch you on the different layers of your body. Varying elements of fire, water, air and earth flush tension and blockades out of your body and create space for your new shape. My very personal Lomi style embodies a caressing slowness - again and again we will reach moments of silence and holding to invite your nervous system to calm down.

With a Lomi Lomi Ritual you can, for example:

  • celebrate the transition into a new stage of your life
  • commit to let go of old tensions, habits, thoughts
  • make yourself a gift of self love
  • relax and enjoy
  • lose yourself in trance or ecstasy
I massage your entire body, excluding genitals and breasts. Your genitals will always remain covered.

2 hours (90min massage + intake & outtake)
Price 150€
A Slow Touch Massage is experienced as a particularly slow and repetitive touch on a chosen spot of your body.

This can be a part of your body that you are very familiar with and you long to experience and enjoy it at rest. Or a part of your body that you feel rather foreign with and where you would like to get in touch.

The slowness of this massage allows you to perceive your touched body in the utmost subtlety and thus to increase sensibility for your body.

The uniformity of the touch ensures an experience without surprises. You can let loose of uncertainties and experience a touch that has no intentions and no demands from you.

This opens a space where you can surrender deeper and deeper into a meditative relaxation.

80 minutes
Price: 120€