Sexological Bodywork opens an explorative space for your sexual learning. Session of Sexological Bodywork are always aligned to your individual rhythm and allow for very different ways of working. That’s why typically no two sessions look alike. Usually we decide only in the session itself what type of bodywork opens the best learning space for you on that particular day.

A session of Sexological Bodywork takes 2.5 hours. In the beginning we have enough time (30-60min) to arrive smoothly and to clarify in a conversation your specific concern and how bodywork could support you in that. Perhaps you yourself have some ideas for this or I will propose to you a couple of methods and you can decide which one is most suitable for you now.

From there we can enter the actual realm of experience, bodywork (60-90min). Here I support you in exploring your learning question through your body. You will have the opportunity to sense into your body very carefully and to follow your own curiosity.

Some methods of Sexological Bodywork proceed without touch (e.g. breath coachings, masturbation coachings, meditations), other methods proceed with touch (e.g. different types of massage). For bodywork with touch there are additional regulations from the ethical guidelines for Sexological Bodywork – including one-way touch (I touch you and not vice versa) and the fact that I will always remain clothed and use gloves. This gifts us with clear boundaries and it will support you in arriving fully at yourself.

During the entire process we stay in constant communication with each other. This way we can make sure that we are not proceeding too quickly and that everything that is happening is in consent with you. You are always invited to co-create your own process, to pause and to ask questions.

After bodywork there is time for integration and for an outtake to integrate your learning from the past experience on a physical and on a mental level.

A session of Sexological Bodywork is 150€.

Perhaps you have a clearer picture now. How does all this sound to you? In case you have any remaining questions, feel free to raise them via mail, telephone or at the beginning of our session.