A hiss, a moan, an Om… This 3 hour workshop will invite you to explore connections of voice and pleasure. A playful time to discover yourself in silence and loudness and the volume in-between.

How can you find your own comfort level with your voice? What sounds can you make? What sounds can give you pleasure?

You will have the chance to mindfully experience how your voice is a tool of your body anatomy that regulates your sensations. A tool that can be used to connect to others. Perhaps a tool that wants to be freed from a society that encourages your quietness.

And you will be able to experiment with the sensual or sexual pleasure that your voice can give to you. Find your individual pleasure voice!

The workshop invites people who are already dear with their voice as well as people who would like to explore expressing more freely.

A hiss, a moan, an Om… is a sexpositive and open-outcome workshop. Nudity is not necessary. Pleasure is not necessary. Loudness is not necessary.

Exercises are in group, partnered and solo. Pleasure is more focused on the solo part.

Your Host

I’m Nico, Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator. Sometimes I feel my depression taking away my voice. In my third year of training at the ISB Berlin I have carried out a personal research project about voice and speech. Now I would love to invite more people to moan more freely.

Date, costs and venue

30.07.2022 14:00 – 17:00

52€ Early-Bird before 16th July, 60€ regular

10249 Berlin-Friedrichshain

A valid corona test certificate will be required.


Email to nico@vonhieranlust.de