I work with clients of any gender and any sexual orientation. I welcome individuals and couple constellations alike.

In Sexological Bodywork or Sexual Counseling sessions we can explore the following fields together:

  • improving your body awareness, intensifying sensual perceptions
  • finding out about your desires and needs as well as your boundaries
  • a clear and shame-free communication about your desires and needs and about sexuality in general
  • lust, pleasure and ecstasy
  • love and appreciation of yourself, your sexuality and your body
  • masculinity, femininity, trans*- and queer-identity
  • a conscious and positive relation to pornography or an end to your porn habit
  • noticing and understanding your sexual patterns; exploring and internalizing new patterns
  • embracing and living out your emotions and feelings; learning to hold your own emotions
  • sexual learning through knowledge and playful exploration
  • a creative and vital self-love (masturbation)
  • anal pleasure
  • self-regulation through your body, through breath, movement and voice; vitality through body expression (embodiment)
  • deepening intimacy and sexuality in your relationship

And I warmly welcome you with your challenges, such as:

  • depression and sexuality
  • difficulties with orgasms or erections
  • discontent with your libido
  • vaginism
  • porn addiction
  • shame, insecurities, anxieties
  • not being able to let go, being in your headspace
  • challenges in your relationship (unequally distributed desire, lack of intimacy, …)

Feel free to ask me about any topics that I do not mention here.

We can discuss our collaboration beforehand via phone or mail. This way we will also find out which of my methods suits you best.

I offer my work in German and English.