My Breath Coaching is a journey through the various facets of your breathing. It can be your step towards more awareness, vitality and pleasure in your life.

You will learn about the anatomy of breathing and about the connection of breath to your nervous system. Here you will learn how your breathing affects various aspects of your life such as perception, feelings, relationships, sexuality and body awareness.

You will take this knowledge to enter mindful and playful explorations to make your own sensing-experiences. You will learn to regulate yourself through your breath and to use it as your individual ressource.

We will also talk about and explore how your breath can support you in experience special physical states such as trance or ecstasy.

In my Breath Coaching I offer prepared content all around the topic of breathing – a kind of one-to-one lesson about your body. The coaching occurs in lessons of 60 or 90 minutes. Every lesson connects theoretical content with hands-on explorations for playful experiencing.

Throughout the lessons I will provide many suggestions for continuative literature and movie material. This way you will be able to follow your curiosity even beyond the coaching.

Lesson #1: Your Breath and You
(Hello – Anatomy & Nervous System – When breathing becomes unpleasurable – Intuitive Breathing)

Lesson #2: Breathing and Sex
(Nervous System & Sex – Modes of Arousal – Pleasurable self touch)

Lesson #3: Breath and Trance
(Trance in theory – The HA Breath – guided breathing trance)

Optionally you can also book:

Lesson #4: Breath and Ecstasy
(Qualities of Breathing – High Energy Meditation & Taoist Big Draw)

Lesson #5: Breathing Finesse
(Embodiment – Breath & Movement – Breath and Imagination)

Basic Moduls 1-3: 180€ (3x60min) or 250€ (3x90min)

Extension Moduls 4-5: 120€ (2x60min) or 180€ (2x90min)

All moduls can be booked individually for 70€ (60min) or 105€ (90min)
You can choose to take the modules either in 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

60 minutes: You gain the knowledge in a compressed form, receive an insight to the hands-on part and save money.

90 minutes: There is more space for sensing, individual coaching, questions and side notes.
The coaching will happen via online video chat.
Feel free to send me all your questions to: