I am Nico, born 1991, living in Berlin. On these pages I present my work as a Sexological Bodyworker.

Our sexuality is source of bubbly pleasure, unlimited vitality and most intimate connection. And oftentimes for frustration and anger and estrangement. Sexuality is identity, sexuality is political.

To me, sexuality holds an enormous potential for a connection to our Self – a door to our physical and mental health, to our desires, emotions and needs as well as to our anxieties and blockades. Lush and wonderful worlds to explore!

With my work I support people in exploring their sexuality. I see myself as a companion in the very individual processes of my clients.

The mindful sensing of our own body (somatic) leads us to the Here and Now and opens our eyes for parts of us that we usually do not (want to) see. Shared conversations about our thoughts lead us to a better understanding of ourselves. And experiencing our feelings and emotions brings our being into floating and resolves inner tensions.

Bringing these three dimensions together, we can realize our inner contradictions and find our way to an inner harmony.

It is of much value to me to support my clients in their self-determination: to see themselves clearly, to keep own boundaries and to learn to differentiate between their own desires and desires that are adopted from the outside. This builds a nutrient medium for a harmonic transformation along the own Self.

Through the dedication to my own sexuality I came to Berlin and to Sexological Bodywork. I am trained by the Berlin Institute of Sexological Bodywork in full-body touch and call myself a Sexological Bodyworker and Sex Counselor. In my work I follow the ethical guidelines of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (English) as well as the ethical guidelines of the European Association of Sexological Bodyworkers (German).

I am member of the European Association of Sexological Bodyworkers

And member of the trustedbodywork network, a listing for certified bodywork and counseling

In my earlier life I have been student of Mathematics with application courses in Philosophy. Since 2015 I am working as a Software Developer (part time since 2018). Together with my partner I live in Berlin and try to grab life by its root.