Hey, I am Nico. As a Sexological Bodyworker I accompany you on your journey of discovering, growing, refining and reclaiming your pleasure.

I guide you from a mind space to a space of sensing. A place where enjoyment, pleasure and ecstasy become abilities that can be learned.

Together we can explore the various aspects of your sexuality. My main focus lies in the areas of embodiment, masturbation-fantasies-pornography, sexuality and depression, motivation and inner fire.

In my sessions you are invited to get in touch with yourself. You can meet the fundamental wisdom of your body and the wonderful complexity of your mind.

I believe that contentment with our sexuality is a basic need to us that from time to time remains unfulfilled for a variety of reasons. And I am convinced that a close relationship to your body and pleasure will allow you to take your life with passion, courage and happiness.

Our sexuality is so fascinating and multifaceted that we could easily explore it for the length of our lives. Yet, only rarely in our society does sexual learning exist in precise-practical forms. With my work, I am enthusiastic to make a contribution to the sexual education of our society.

I am trained in full-body touch by the Institute for Somatic Education, Sexuality & Bodywork Berlin. The ISB has granted me certificates as Sexological Bodyworker and as Coach for Somatics and Sexuality.

In my work I adhere to the ethical guidelines of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers.

As a member of the European Association of Sexological Bodyworkers I am involved with establishing the profession of Sexological Bodywork in our society:

And I am member of the trustedbodywork network, a listing for certified bodywork and counseling:

Also I am certified as a Lomi Lomi masseur by the integral Lomi Massage school KahiLomi. With Lomi Lomi massage I am fascinated how nourishing, powerful and opening this form of touch can be.