Hi, I am Nico. As a Sexological Bodyworker I accompany you in discovering, extending, refining and reclaiming your pleasure.

I guide you from your headspace into your sensing. To a place where enjoyment and pleasure become capacities to be learned.

Here I write more about myself and my work.

I work with different approaches from which you can choose according to your very individual situation:

  • You want to enter a space for somatic experiences and be supported by me as your bodyworker? → Sexological Bodywork
  • You wish for individual support for your process in conversation? Perhaps your concern is very broad or not too clear yet? → Sexual Counseling
  • You are in search of collective sexual learning? → Workshops
  • You want to receive a Lomi Lomi ritual or a Slow Touch Massage? → Massage

In all of these we can explore the various aspects of your sexuality → Fields of Work

On my youTube channel and in various blog articles I produce content all around the topics of sexuality, embodiment and personal development. Unfortunately, only a small amount of my content is also available in English (translations / subtitles).

You can keep in touch with recent happenings in my work through my monthly newsletter. This way you will know about news from my work as well as about personal thoughts from my own learning, hints to readyworthy books and current special offers (German only).